A warm-hearted welcome!

Thank you very much for heading to our page! We are a married couple of programmers, currently developing a simulation game. We are proudly using Embarcadero's Delphi for all our programming projects since 1998.

Since Object-Pascal isn't one of the most common languages, we often face problems on including APIs or SDKs written in more common languages, like C or C++.

Thanks to many problem-solution pages like stackoverflow.com we already profited a lot from people sharing their solutions. But some of them were incomplete or outdated and we had to find the solutions on our own. We would like to share our results with you on this page, trusting that anyone can make use of it as well, searching the web for a path through the maze of Delphi headers for foreign APIs. :-)

Do not worry about the license: Code provided on this page is subject to the CC0 license. Use it, share it, improve it!

If you are facing problems, feel free to contact us! Please find our mail address in our legal notice.